‘Padmavati’ Ordered to be Refurbished as ‘Padmavat’: CBFC,India

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CBFC(Central Board of Film Certification),the Authorized Organization of the Indian Republic which offered Five(5) Terms and Conditions with the Tag of U/A(Universally Adult) as Confirmed by the Concerned Officials.

The brief Sketch of Five(5) Terms and Conditions laid down here to have your look into :

1. The Film ‘Padmavati’ need to be refurbished to make the film certify need  to be  named ‘Padmavat’ along with mentioning as the Historical Poetic Epic Written by ‘jayasi’.

2.The Production House (Vanshali Films) need to be shown the Statutory Warning of not promoting ‘Sati‘(Sacrifice of True Follower and wife of the Deceased Husband) before starting to show the Film on  Silver Screen.

3. The sensational and much hyped song today in the world of Bollywood Music ‘Ghumar’ ordered to be deleted in which the Vanshali Production House reflected the dancing Mindset of Queen ‘Padmavati’.

4.The Wrong Historical representation India’s Incredible and Deep Rooted Cultural History need to be Corrected before our Generation Next (Young Generation of India) experiencing the Black Mark of Wrong Historical representation.

5. Along with all the above Five (5) Terms and Conditions, the Ancestors of Mewat’s Rajput Kingdom whose real Hero  in the Epic of ‘Padmavat‘ ,Raja Ratan Singh need to be shown the Film Completely before releasing it to the Common Audience.

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The Central Board  of Film Certification has already decided to certify the Film ‘Padmavat‘ if all these Terms and Conditions shall be Fulfilled by the Vanshali Film Production House.

The Central Character of Protest ,’Karni Sena‘ (Royal Community of Ancient Rajputs) even did protest Openly.

It even allegedly opposed the CBFC’s  Conditional based Certification in which an Official of Rajput Community lashed out with anger that the decision has taken by the Appropriate Authorities due to the waves of warnings from the Terror Houses of Under world’s Ringmasters.

The Founder of ‘Karni Sena’ along with the All India President Giriraj Singh at last openly warned the Government and CBFC to be alert on the post Release violence of Protest if The Said Film shall be released even after Refurbishing .

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)