Oscars 2019 Red Carpet Interviews

Sunday, February 24, 2019

At 1:30 pm, it looked like they were promoting trannie, HIV, and diversity in the cinema. Brian Tyler Henry and Kiki Layne dropped by. I also noticed they were promoting more black actors. Even the commercials involved black people. There were also some Hispanic commercials. The long Red Carpet road was displayed, where the celebrities have to walk the red runway towards the Dolby Theater. Diane Warren chatted with the interviewer. Marina and another Mexican actress from Roma arrived. Constance Wu from Crazy Rich Asians stopped to chat. Danny Glover arrived.

At 2:22 pm, they mentioned Queen will perform at the Oscars. This year, it will be all about celebrating diversity in cinema. They showed a clip about Mercedes Benz cars, probably because it’s one of the sponsors. But every 10 minutes, the displayed an annoying poll on the screen, encouraging viewers to go online and vote. I guess they were trying to create interactive viewership. But who actually does these polls? Kids, teens, and maybe 20 and 30-year-olds? Or maybe even bored housewives. The street is covered with a red carpet, which kind of looks like my Yo Oscars street in Yoworld. I noticed black cars and maybe limos dropping off people on the red carpet. It also looked like the Hollywood street was bleeding.

I noticed Ruth Carter from Black Panther, Questlove, Octavia Spencer in a navy bardo gown, and Linda P. from Green Book in a monochromatic red outfit with lots of ruffles and frills. She looked fluffy. Melissa McCarthy’s selfie inside the limo with a man was displayed. They looked excited and read to enter, which will be in another 15 minutes.

Akwaphina from Crazy Rich Asians wore pink sparkles pantsuit. Richard E. Grant was with his daughter Olivia. It was mentioned that Richard is 62. Melissa McCarthy wore black and white colorblocking of pants and blouse. Crazy Rich Asians’ Michelle Yeoh wore a metallic silver and light blue dress. Maya Rudolph wore a bright pink gown with ruffles.

3:30 pm, many celebrities start to enter Dolby Theater. Akwaphina, Adam Lambert, and Regina King. Spike Lee wore a bright purple suit with a matching hat. Michelle Yeoh, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey are interviewed before they entered the theater. Richard E. Grant mentioned he had been writing a journal since he was 10, and he is now 62. He should publish his journal as one book. Georgia Congressman John Lewis is a presenter. Brian Tyler Henry is in three movies—Widows, Can You Forgive me, and Spiderman. Alicia Malone is wearing a maroon gown. Marina and costar from Roma dropped by, before Kacy Musgraves, Constance Wu in marigold gown, Melissa McCarthy, and Willem Dafoe. Trevor Noah had a small part in Black Panther. It is his first time at the Oscars. Amandla Stenberg arrived.

James McAvoy, from Glass, mentioned he likes sleeping on his back, on a hard service. (interesting, so do I). Glenn Close wore a metallic gold long-sleeve gown with long train. It had 4 million beads and weighed 42 pounds. Amy Adams (Vice) arrived with her mother and sisters. Lisa Bonet came with her husband, Jason Momoa. They were both wearing pink. Jason was wearing a pink suit, and she was wearing a pink long dress. She stated that they were both wearing clothes by the late Karl Lagerfeld. They both seemed sad. They must be been friends with Lagerfeld.

Ryan Seacrest takes over the Red Carpet interviews. Mike Meyers (Bohemian Rhapsody), Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), Jennifer Hudson (former American Idol contestant), Mark Consuelas and Kelly Ripa, and Jordon Peele were interviewed by Ryan. Jennifer Lopez wore a metallic long-sleeve gown. Bradley Cooper is nominated in 3 categories. Spike Lee (Blackkklansman) stops by. Bohemian Rhapsody was nominated in 5 categories.

Inside the Dolby Theater, Ryan talks to Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney.


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