Oscars 2019 Red Carpet Countdown and Previews

Sunday, 2.24.19

I woke up around 10 am, to do my morning routine of feeding Gumby, taking out the trash, but placing the bin inside the garage, and making my own breakfast. I remember today is Oscar day, which will likely start early with red carpet countdown previews. So, I turned on the TV, on ABC channel 7, and I noticed the red carpet countdown started at 10 am. So, I listened to the countdown while making my breakfast. I made some vegan scrambled eggs as well as duros with avocado. I heard on TV that the Oscars will be four hours long as well as there won’t be any host. (I am assuming they will just have two people walk on the stage for each category and announce the winner inside the envelope. I also think it is long because they are now allowing the winners to talk as long as they want). Whoopie Goldberg has decided to attend the Oscars this year, which is a last minute decision. Moreover, they talked about nominated celebrities’ early acting jobs, or how each got started. They discussed each nominated celebrity and their probability of winning this year. At 11:30 am, I decided to make a cup of cappuccino. I returned to the Oscar countdown. The Oscars will actually start at 3:30 pm, end at 5 pm, and there will likely be “After Parties” at different locations, all over downtown LA, most likely at big hotels and the Kodak Theater.

(FYI) The Oscar Logo has Illuminati symbolism. (I have noticed it before, but just adding it here for completion). The “A” in OSCARS is a triangle, and the Oscar figure is placed this “A” triangle.

At 1 pm, there was a break from the red carpet countdown with an American Idol interview. Ryan Seacrest interviews the three American Idol judges, Lionel Ritchie, Katie Perry, and Luke Bryan. They talked about the next season of American Idol, in which I am assuming will start soon. They are promoting the show, and trying to encourage people to watch it this season because I feel that they are experiencing a decline in viewership. I haven’t watched reality show for a while, probably since five years ago. Reality Shows are getting old for me, and everything about it is becoming annoying and boring. The new season will start on Sunday, March 3rd, on ABC. The judges will now be touring the country, auditioning hopefuls for this new season. (I kind of want to check it out, just to watch Katie Perry as a judge. And, it is interesting to listen to Lionel Ritchie’s critiques. I have no idea who Luke Bryan is).

At 1:30 pm, 900 square feet of red carpet is displayed, as well as many tents in Hollywood, California. Forecasts predict blue skies with bright sunshine today. Jewel tone colors, origami folds, black and white colorblocking, metallic shine, and pastels are some Oscar fashions. I turn my head to one of my slide doors, and I notice bright sunshine outside my window, with a light breeze. Nice day today in Southern California, from OC to LA.

It is also noticed that some celebrities are starting to arrive at the red carpet…

The Countdown red carpet interviews start with Jennifer Lewis and a trannie named Shandela. Let the promotions begin…


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