Ortolan torture and sacrifice promoted on Golden Globes 2019

As I watch this video, I notice articles and videos about more destruction of animals, whether wildlife or domestic.

Ortolan connection to pedophilia as the man explain the pagan sacrifice ritual of this poor songbird, and comparing to other sacrifice rituals the Zionist Elites do during their satanic rituals. This bird was served at the recent Golden Globes 2019 awards as people wearing white lab coats came out with vaccines for interested celebrities. They even noted that whoever doesn’t want the vaccine to place a napkin over the head, which is the same ritual used torturing, killing and eating an ortolan. These awards continue to perform some kind of satanic rituals, but disguised as entertainment, so that the viewers see it as something normal. This sick ritual sounds like spirit cooking.

Moreover, I noticed earlier an article on the internet about Oregon slaughtering many sea lions. Furthermore, it is likely that coyotes and wolves are probably extinct or nearing extinct by now.


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