New York Airport – Dead Newborn baby recovered from plane toilet

New York: A newborn body has been recovered from a jet plane in the US Airline in new York airport. During the cleaning of a plane in ‘Maintenance Hanger’ of New York’s La Guarjia Airport, Newborn’s body has been recovered from the toilet It was rapped in tissue papers.The cleaner informed the airport administration, after which the aircraft flight was canceled.

The doctors team examines the newborn body and said that some of essential tests conducted to know the facts about birth and death, the results of which are waiting, however, it can be said initially the child’s death has occurred due to the pre-birth date. The age of pregnancy is between 5 to 6 months.

New York and New Jersey airport Authority officials says, The responsibility of investigating the incident is assigned to the Erian Quins County District Attorney. After the investigation of the committee, the media will also be informed about the investigation. There is no claim regarding child property yet. List of CCTV cameras and last flight passengers are being reviewed.

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