My South Park Stream Happy Halloween everyone!! New kid in town

What’s up everyone  check out  the #Newkidintown. It’s a new game I started playing and I thought this thumbnail  would be perfect for the game I have been playing  on my smartphone. Games called Southpark: Phone Destroyer. It’s a fun game but just like in ther Southpark TV shows lot of potty mouths. Make sure to watch till the end only  because gotta see my funny faces I make it will throw for a loop lol. Hope you enjoy!! BTW I post daily  on #Daviddaturorialwizard now!! Help me on my journey  to 1k subscribers and 4k watch time hours. I have to End of January 2019 for my goal so please charge and like and if you like please subscribe to help me out in my journey  to 4k 1k.



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