January – Reading, Writing, Plotting, and Panicking

January is a funny month for me; part of me hates the post-Christmas near-bankruptcy and bitter weather, but it also a birthday month for myself, my wife and one of our children. The return to normality that comes with the start of the school term usually pushes me into formulating some kind of writing plan, whilst replacing the previous writing plan when I see how far off track I am. Not necessarily behind, just having launched off in a completely different direction to what I had expected. So where am I at, and what am I working on?

In September I began outlining my third novel, something different to the previous two. I’m only on chapter five, which is much further behind than I expected so I have no idea when it be finished; the story isn’t flowing quite right so I’m leaving it on the backburner for a while.

So, January has involved much too little actual writing, but I have a new short story called Unearthed, which will form part of the next collection and be available exclusively on Patreon before that (

I have also put together a plan for something entirely different, which at the moment is top secret but I can confirm it is it planted well within the extreme horror category.

I have also read three books so far this year, reviews for which are all available to read in the magazine Indie Writers Review. All the stories were great; The Unwilling Recruit by John Evans, Church by Renee Miller, and The Gatekeeper by Kevin J. Kennedy.

The magazine is coming along nicely, with some great giveaways and interesting author interviews so why not take a look? We are currently open for short story and poetry submissions, more details on the Facebook page. It’s also free to read on Kindle Unlimited. UK Link, US Link

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Finally, I want to thank everyone that grabbed copies of my two horror collections during the free weekend at the beginning of January. Embrace the Darkness hit number 1 (on my birthday!), with Tunnels reaching number 8. It really does mean a lot to me, and I hope you have enjoyed them. As always, any reviews are hugely appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, feel free to leave any comments, or connect with me at Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and my site.



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