Heat Lightning Story

There was a bus-station along a deserted highway. One stormy night middle-age man entered it. After sometime a young Girl came there. She looked frightened and she sought the help of the Man against another man who was following her. Then she narrated her story to the Man. She had been at a party at some distance from there. When she started back, her car rant out of gas. She saw another car approaching her. She call out for help but, at the same time, she was terrified to see a very horrible scene. A man came out of the car and dragged a dead body of a woman out of it. She ran off but the Man also ran after her.

However, she succeeded to reach the bus-station in time to save herself from the Man. On the way, she also lost her flash-light. Now she feared that the man would follow her to the bus-station. That is why, she locked herself in the women’s room in the bus-station.

The man present in the bus-station suggested that she should report the incident to the police but she was too frightened to remember the details of incident. After some time, a Second Man reached there and demanded to open the door. When the door was opened, he entered the room and started look for the third person present in the bus-station. At last, the Girl came there and sat on a bench. They started talking about the bus and its schedule. The girl was still afraid of him but she posed as if she were afraid of the storm.

The Second Man advised her to overcome her fear. When the bus arrived late, the Second Man asked both of them to accompany but they refused to do so. The Girl did not want to travel with him as she was afraid of him and thought he was the man who had followed her on the road in the darkness. However, after his departure, she learns that he was not the person whom she feared. The First Man was the real person who had followed her. She was now afraid of him and locked the door. At the same time, a dog appeared there from somewhere and forced the Man to run away. Thus the Girl learnt the real story and also succeeded to save herself from the killer.

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Written by ZainAhsaan

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