Guru of Joy

My spiritual master H.H. Ravishankar ji is a renowned spiritual leader who has founded the Art of Living Foundation which works towards a stress free society. Popularly addressed as Gurudev or Guruji, he is called the ‘Guru of Joy’ because he dreams of a happy society free of violence & stress.

Guruji was born in 1956 at Papanasam in Tamil Nadu on 13th May, 1956. In 1982, during ten days silence period at Shimoga in Karnatka, he came up with Sudarashan Kriya- an extremely powerful and effective breathing technique which eliminates toxins from the body and thus helps in reducing stress.

It was in 2008 when I did my first Art of Living course. The very next month, I did Art of Silence course or the advance course.  I did many other courses by Art of Living and in December, 2009 I did 21 days long teachers training program at Art of Living’s Bangalore ashram to become an Art of Living teacher. The regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and mediation ahs brought an immense positive change in my life and for that, I am forever indebted to Guruji.

Whenever we meet Guruji, he will ask, “Are you happy?” He is always concerned about the happiness of his followers. He has taught us that ups and downs are inevitable in life but smiling through the ups and downs is the true Art of Living.


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