Going to an Archery Meet

Going to have a new experience today.  I am going to see two of my nieces shooting archery.  You can actually hear the whine and ping of the bowstrings as the arrows are pulled back in preparation for shooting. As the arrows are swishing through the air and I thought I heard each of the arrows hitting their mark with a pop. It was not really what I expected it to be, but it was interesting.

I thought the archers shot in small groups against other schools, but actually they pretty much shoot all at once depending on their divisions. It seemed like the shooter did more sitting than shooting. They would sit, stand and  shoot and then wait to shoot again.

Relax and Breathe

Bow strings taut and arrows straight

Fingers flexed

Line up, ready, aim

Shoot that arrow

Straight and sure.
Whizzing arrows everywhere—Zing, Sing, Ping


What do you think?


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