Getting Ready for the Oscars 2019

This video is interesting because it displays Lisa Bonet and her husband Jason Momoa getting ready for the Oscars 2019. They talk about Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi making Jason’s pink suit. And, then on February 19th, Karl Lagerfeld dies.

Jeanne Yang sends Lagerfeld and Fendi sketches, they go to the fitting on Saturday and then Lagerfeld dies on the 19th, which just happens to be a full moon night. Too many coincidences here that seems to lead an apparent Illuminati sacrifice. Between Saturday and Tuesday is 3 days, which is another Illuminati symbolism. I notice Jason wears a lot of skulls in a pendant necklace and rings as well as a Baphomet ring. But besides that, they both look attractive.


What do you think?

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