From Gym to Art…

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I woke up early to get ready for Zumba class at the gym. I turned on my computer to check on my graphic novel cover. IMVU started their Halloween Day countdown and I received my first gift. I received a cart. I plan to place them in one of my old Halloween gift homes to further decorate the dark ghoulish party location, Spooky Square, which is a small apartment at a decorated town square. I added various amusement park rides and games that had a Halloween theme from previous years. I even added my pet dog with a pumpkin head mask.

I drove to the Spectrum gym, where I did Pink Zumba class. I won a raffle after class. I got white stereo headphones. I returned home to eat and shower, and get ready for 5 pm art reception.

At 5 pm, I ended up doing 3 videos of the art gallery reception and artwork as well as taking some snapshots. I will probably put together the snapshots into a video, and create a fourth video.

I returned home at 7:30 pm and changed into my flannel pjs. Someone on Facebook posted a word search prediction game for 2019 with the first three words found. I found popularity, happiness and money.

Now, I need to work on doing 4 videos about recent art reception.


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