Friends: The Movie 2018 Parody Trailer

Monday, December 10, 2017

While watching YouTube videos, I came across this parody movie trailer of Friends, The Movie, which isn’t real. But it was created as a parody of what the Friends characters would be like in the future, if there really was a Friends movie. All the characters in this parody look old and has-beens, in which they don’t seem to connect with each other like the good old times in the sitcom serious, indicating that they have moved on with their life after the Friends series. When they bumped into each other by accident, they seem to act spaced out and confused because they appear to have forgotten their Friends’ past. They all seem dazed and confused in this parody trailer, like they are on drugs.

When I first saw this video, I clicked on it because I thought it was for real. But after watching the video, I knew it was a joke because it looks like a low budget movie about the Friends characters, portraying each of them as old has-beens that have or are trying to move on with their life.


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