FBI contacted 2nd accuser of Kavanugh for investoigation

The FBI has contacted another female accused of Brett Kavanugh . The investigation has been launched against the nominated judge of the Supreme Court. It is not yet clear that the FBI has detected detail from Debora Ramirez, who blamed Kavanugh in a report published in the September 23 ‘New Yorker Magazine’ report that Kavanugh attempt to harass her in a beer party of friends.

Debora Ramirez said that this incident occurred at 1983-84 when she was studying at Yale University. Post ‘has said that FBI is investigating Professor Ford’s allegations, The woman accused of Kavavanugh. his story was 1982 when he was young.

Debora said that Kavanugh had abused her at a home in Washington’s suburbs, Kavanugh has dismissed this allegation.Both presented their own stories before the Senate’s judicial committee during a detailed hearing on Thursday


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