Maybe years ago the picture which won was the Best.   Sure there would be other possibilities, but it wasn’t night and day.

The value of an Academy Award has plunged in the  past 20 or so years. The Academy which votes and the movie going public  live in different universes.

I remember in 1997, going to the Drive In to see Titanic, and coming home, telling my neighbours how good it was.


I think that was the last time the Awards reflected the pulbic’s opinion.


In the following years, what the public likes, what they want to see doesn’t matter.   Those who vote at the Academy choose.

So that something like The Matrix,

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which is an icon is beaten by American Beauty, a movie no one I know has ever seen or cares to,…

As bad as this is, nothing proved the worthlessnes of an Oscar as when it gave the Award to something called ‘The Hurt Locker’  in 2009 when the biggest film of all time, Avatar, didn’t win.

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So how is it a movie that makes $2.7 BILLION dollars, (meaning people went to see it) LOSES and a movie that makes $14.7 MILLION (meaning few people went to see it) Wins?


There was a time you’d get dressed up, you travel to the theatre maybe to meet others or with others, you’d pay to enter, and begin to watch.

If the movie was really bad, maybe you’d leave, but, in most cases, in for a penny, in for a pound, you’d watch the whole thing.

Today, when you can watch online, there’s  a totally different framework.   You can watch or not watch anything you want.

For example,  I watched the whole of the King’s Speech, the winner of 2010.   I watched the Great Gatsby in 2013, which didn’t win,  La La Land in 2016, which didn’t win.

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I watched the losing Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018.

I began watching ‘The Shape of Water’ which won “Best Picture”  in 2017 and shut it off 30 minutes in.  It wasn’t worth my eye sight.

As a person who can watch every movie, Free online, I don’t.

Winning an Oscar is no recommendation.


The Academy Awards are not the Olymipics or the World Cup, in which coming first means you came first.   The Academy Awards is a twisted and biased snobbery in which what the people want to see means nothing to those who vote.

In my country, the Oscars  aren’t televised any more.  The Stations are not paying for it because no one is interested in watching.


What do you think?


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