Male Behavior

Decoding male behavior: Know For Sure When A Guy Likes You

Male Behaviour

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Decoding male behavior can be a hard task. Guys are not that hard to read, but we are always unsure about the way they feel and think!

A girl is always curious when a guy checks her out. We either wonder if he’s actually interested or if maybe he was just bored. But there’s always a way to get rid of this curiosity, if we start to analyze the situation in a proper way.

The body language

Male behavior

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Just by watching his body language, you can tell if a guy really likes you or not. While women have more than 50 body language signs, guys only have about 10.  So, it’s pretty easy to find out how he really feels about you when he is around you.

Eye Contact

Eye Contact

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When a guy thinks you’re not watching, he secretly tries to check you out! So, if a guy is looking away when you turn around, it’s a good sign! It means he just did check you out without you noticing. Guys that are more confident tend to make and hold eye contact.

The way he talks to you

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If a guy starts bragging about himself, then he is definitely trying to impress you. Guys are proving themselves only to girls they’re actually interested in. If you keep an eye to the way he positions himself during your conversation, you can easily figure everything out.

The way he treats you

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If a guy starts acting differently towards you, especially in front of other people, then he is really interested in you. If he is trying to be protective, or if he tries to be a gentleman, than he is definitely doing that because he is into you. Some guys even start flirting with other girls in front of you, just because they want to test your reactions and see if you actually like them also. If you notice that he stops flirting with her right after you leave the room, that’s a dead giveaway he was only trying to see what you’ll do.


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