Country Girl – part 9

Zelda was offered a job a the bar.  She admitted she would love to work there, but where would she live?  The bartender showed her the flats upstairs.

She acted surprised, although she had checked out the rooms before beginning her helpful style to gain the job.

She made arrangements.

She had begun stealing from  Martha’s Shop as soon as the job at the Bar became possible.   She needed to wait for Martha to catch her, so that she could cause a scene.

As soon as Martha became suspicious,  Zelda knew her plan was working.

Martha had begun to show up  just before lunch and stay until closing time to count the money.    Now that Zelda had a place to go, a new job, she caused her scene.

Zelda began shouting about how all of a sudden Martha didn’t trust her. Martha tried to speak, but Zelda was loud and aggressive, so Martha told her to leave.

Zelda had already packed most of her stuff, so ran up, grabbed her things, came down, angry and aggressive. Martha  paid her.

Zelda stormed out and went to her new job at the bar, to her new flat, and got ready for the evening.


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Written by jaylar

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