Country Girl – part 8

On random days, Zelda  would close the shop at Nine, make the night deposit, then go to the Bar.  She became a bit of a regular, but juggled so as to hear;  “Where were you yesterday?”  “I thought you would have dropped in last night…”  or “I missed you…”   from the bartender or a waiter, or a patron.

After a time, she began helping out at the bar, for free.  The bartender was impressed.

Zelda knew she could wangle a job, so prepared herself to leave Martha’s Shop.

She  had noticed at many business places in this part of town there was a business downstairs, flats upstairs.  Looking above the bar she noticed a few windows were dark.

Having made her plans, this is  when Zelda began stealing money from Martha’s shop.  Not much, twenty dollars, thirty, working up to forty.  She wondered how long it would take stupid Martha to catch her.

When Martha showed up two days in a row to do the counting of cash,  Zelda knew her time was up, and became a bit more helpful at the bar.


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Written by jaylar

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