Country Girl – part 5

After a time, it seemed to Martha that the money seemed a bit short.  Sure, there were ups and downs but there seemed to be a persistent down.

Martha came to the shop early the next Monday and stayed late, doing the stock taking, collecting the money, counting it carefully, taking the major portion to deposit.

She noticed Zelda watching her, and there was a coldness in her eyes.  Martha knew, without more proof that Zelda was stealing.

Martha didn’t proclaim it, she acted calm. She bid Zelda good night and went home.   Tomorrow she would arrive at eleven and not leave until the shop was shut and she counted the money and took it.

She went over her assessment of Phil and Dottie and had the very real feeling that they had not overworked Zelda, that was a lie.  A lie told to allow Zelda to slip into her business, her life.

Martha went to bed, woke, and went to the shop as she had planned, and stayed after closing and took the money.

Zelda was much quieter than before and colder.

Martha wanted to fire her, but wondered if she wasn’t in some problem which made her need the money and that is why she took it.  But Martha was not going to say anything.


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Written by jaylar

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