Climax (2019) movie review

This afternoon, I went to the movie, Climax with a movie meetup. It is a 2019 French movie by Gaspar Noe. It had English subtitles. During the whole time that I was watching this movie, I kept comparing it to Trainspotting, which takes places in Edinburgh, Scotland. The story was similar but takes place in a different country and a different language. Bunch of dancers have a party, and someone secretly spikes the punch with LSD, in which makes everyone go crazy out of their mind. Most of them go on a wild trip during the rest of the movie until they start to crash, one by one at the end. As they go crazy, it turns into a who-done-it, as they try to figure out who spiked the punch. A couple of guys beat up and torture two guys because they assumed these guys did it. The movie was like Fame and Trainspotting in French.


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