Bohemian Rhapsody hidden and deleted scenes…

Monday, 12.31.18 New Year’s Eve Edition

I was browsing on Youtube, and I noticed two videos that looked interesting because they dissect movies. I would need to either buy the DVD or wait for it to come on tv or cable in order to watch the movie many times. It is true that the more you watch a particular movie, the more hidden scenes are revealed or become more obvious. Movies are filled with certain symbolism that have to do with the main character, whether it is based on a famous person or just to promote a particular theme.

#1 Hidden scenes…

In this first video, the man lists certain references in the movie. Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie, Bono, U2, Mike Myers, Wayne's World, and Adam Lambert. (Adam Lambert is the gay and flamboyant singer on American Idol. He often performed over the top on the reality show with wild outfits, big hairdos, and lots of makeup). I don't understand the Marlene Dietrich reference because she was before my time. David Bowie was very dark, as we soon found out when he died. I thought the movie Wayne's World was inane, but I mostly remember Mike Myers' work from Austin Powers. Bowie, Bono, U2, and Myers are British or English background. Dietrich is German. The man also notes that Brian May and Roger Taylor were in the movie of the Live Aid Concert, and in the photo in this video, I notice they were seated by a young David Bowie.

#2 Deleted Scenes

This video notes some deleted scenes in the movie. Although the movie was long enough at around two hours and fifteen minutes, even though it didn't feel long because it was paced well as well as it was entertaining. I guess if they hadn't deleted these scenes, it might have been around three hours long. 

Some of such scenes include the hiring of John Deacon into the band as well as Freddie's controversial and wild lifestyle. They worked on keeping it clean, focusing on his professional life and work. 


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