Bad At Love

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Yes, Dr. Linda Martin is bad at love. I don’t know if she meant to walk right into it, but in the thick of it she is.  She lied to Maze.  She completely mislead her. Maze asked Dr. Linda if there was anything going on with her and Amenediel. Linda lied.  Maze just felt left out.

Why did she feel so left out?  Maze sensed that Linda was falling in love, not with her, but with Amenediel, Mazes’ ex-angel toy. Maze wanted to keep it real. Linda walked right into a lie about love. She’s bad at love.

Does Dr. Linda realize that Maze is in fact in love with her? I don’t think so. Linda is focused on herself right now. She has been for some time. The nature of her relationship with Lucifer, was strictly lust; in the beginning. Linda was focused only on satisfying her needs after her marriage ended in divorce. The same tale for most.

Linda doesn’t realize that her little demon friend, Maze, can feel things that Linda has only heard about,–from Lucifer. Lucifer offers plenty of saucy stories based on his tales of the skillet kind.

But Dr. Linda cannot imagine, that she is about to walk right into a story where she will be the heart-breaker, she will be the bad guy. She will be the one who is bad at love. Maze is a demon who is ready to fight on a moments notice. Unfortunately she will witness her own heart crushed by the woman she trusted  the most. Her one friend on Earth, the woman she feels such a close bond with, will not feel the same as she.

Maze will look for revenge, in the end.  Will Linda be ready for the lashing?

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Written by Maria Ayala

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