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Guitar players know that a capo is the most used accessory. And it is not used for guitars only. A capo is a small device that is clamped on a neck of a stringed musical instrument to shorten the playable length of the strings. This will result in raising the pitch. Musicians use this tool to raise the pitch of the fretted instrument,which gives them the possibility to play in different keys while using the same fingerings. It shortens the length of the strings at the same time, and creates a new nut. Pitches are now higher a half step for each fret. You really don’t need to be a professional to use a capo.

Whether you are paying attention to the design or multi-functionality, or have special requirements, there is a wide choice of capos available. Vice Capos is the biggest store where everyone can identify their desired model and find the thing that works the best. With having so many different models, narrowing down your choice is hard. In this guide we have them explained for you, so you can choose the one that covers your needs.

Printed Quick Change Capo Walnut-it holds the intonation firmly. Also it gives you the possibility to re-position it quickly. To get  brighter sound, just place the capo high on the neck of the instrument. Some songs will be a lot easier to play because the capo requires less stretching in the left hand.

Premium Shark Style Capo Rose Gold-If you are looking for a unique design that will add personality, this is definitely it.  This shark shape definitely rocks! The eye-catchy design is available in black, gold, silver and rose gold colors.

Premium Capo Tuner Brass– It allows you to have the functionality of both capo and a tuner in only one device. This one is highly sensitive and accurate and can determine if the note your are playing is on pitch or not. The precision of the tuner will help you reach the perfect tune. The large LCD display makes it easier to read. This capo tuner will save you money,as you don’t need to buy separates.

Premium Pick Holder Capo Black– You can attach this easily on any fret, and you don’t have to remove the capo when tuning. You will not have to worry about dropping a pick or having to tune while playing. No adjustment needed . The advantage is that this one avoids string muteness and buzz.

Multifunction 6 Chord Capo– Each of the strings can be tuned with the 6 independent chord pressure valve designs. The compact design will allow you to change the keys between songs very easily.

Performance Spring Capo w/ Bridge Pin Remover– The Steel spring-loaded clamp includes a bridge pin remover, allowing you to pop it on and off with ease.



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