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Another Duggar On the Way?

It is highly possible another Duggar is on the way. Seeing Josiah and Lauren Duggar have been married five months, the world is expecting one of the most prolific baby-producing families is going to get a bit bigger. It has happened repeatedly for several years and there is no reason for it not to happen this time.

Rumors are flying Lauren Duggar is hiding a baby bump. She has been seen wearing baggy clothing and, what photographs have been released, could be trying to cleverly conceal a pregnancy. Even when she and her husband voted, the couple made it difficult to see if she was pregnant.

Duggar woman generally try to conceal their pregnancies until the end of their first trimester. Since the family’s rise to fame, hiding pregnancies have gotten both more difficult and more creative. Seeing it is almost impossible for someone not to snap a photo or two, pregnancies in the Duggar family are often “found out” instead of “revealed.”

What do you think? Are Josiah and Lauren Duggar expecting? Will their pregnancy, whenever it happens, be revealed or will fans figure it out before the family shares the news? Better yet, do you even care about the Duggar family since their fall from grace? Sound off in the comment section and share your thoughts and opinions!


What do you think?

Written by Stephen Sutton