And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 4

Nearly one hundred years ago, Henry De Palma had, as Edward Rashford, amassed a fortune.

DePalma left his wealth it to his son, Harold.  He was very much as Joe Rashford’s Grandfather, David, who only knew how to spend money, not make it.

Grace,  as Joe, was a spoiled pretentious creature.  She was saved from poverty by her father,  Rex Nettle.

Nettle had worked hard and amassed money from clever real estate deals.   He had married into the De Palma family to gain a place in ‘society’.

Nettle had raised his daughter to think she was royalty. He was overjoyed when she married a Rashford.

To display his happiness, he bought the happy couple a house.

The marriage only lasted four years, then Grace died.   Her death left Joe a reasonable packet of money and the house.

Entering his late forties, needing someone to look after him,  he married  Erica, twenty years his junior.

She was no body and he never let her forget it.

Although she was not unattractive, where he was close to ugly, and where she was a nurse, and he was unemployable,  he felt she should be grateful that a Rashford had married her.

Erica had thought, from his behaviour and attitudes, that  he was rich and important when she married him.  She thought she would never have to work again.

She didn’t appreciate it would be her salary which would basically support them.


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Written by jaylar

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