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Quick,Easy And No Sew DIY Project: Cookie Monster Rug Will Make Kids Go Crazy

The well-known Muppet from the “Sesame Street” will always be a popular character. How about making a DIY rug with this voracious monster’s famous appearance? This one will be a cute decoration for kid’s room. As you can see, children of all ages will love this blue fluffy thing! Follow the tutorial below for this quick, easy and no sew DIY project!

How to make it?

First, choose a suitable material. It should be blue color. The texture should be very soft and fluffy.

Step 1

Outline your hand on a piece of paper. Cut it and use it as a guide. With the help of a chalk draw it onto the inner side of the material.

Draw the rest of the monster’s body. It should look like this.

Step 2

With a hobby knife carefully cut the fingers. They should be precisely cut.

When you finish the most delicate part-the fingers ,cut the half of the monster that you have drawn. Fold it, and use that as a guideline to draw the other side.

Cut out the second half. Now you will have a precisely cut monster shape. Unfold it and make additional corrections. Clean up any left fabric pieces.

Step 3

When you have done cutting, the next step is decorating. Make the eyeballs out of white yarn. It is the right choice, because the end result will be soft, suitable for little children. Make these as big as a golf ball.


After you have done the yarn balls, stick some black buttons in the center. The funny eyes are done ! Now you need to stick or stitch them onto the monster’s head.

If you want some additional support for the monster head, use sponge. Cut a circle and stick it on the inside.

And, finally your Cookie Monster Rug is done! With such a little effort you can create this masterpiece! Children will love to hang out with this little fella! Despite, adults will love it too. This rug can be an excellent decor for your house.


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Written by Kristina


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