Keep Your Workshop Organised with These Handy Tips

Keeping a workshop organized, whether you are DIY lover or manage an industrial wood workshop, is very important in keeping everything in order. Not only will these handy tips, provided by Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery, help to maintain a clean and tidy wood workshop, but will also benefit your workflow and efficiency. 

Consider the workflow of your workshop 

To begin the organization of your workshop, consider the layout as integral to your work rate. The easier tools and machinery are to access the greater the workflow of your workshop. 

Think about where production starts in your workshop and which machines will be used initially and which will be used towards the end of the product design. For example, finishing machines that will be used to buff and polish metal items should be kept in an area of the workshop, which is not central, as this does not need to be used as frequently as your saws and workbenches. Your wood store, on the other hand, could be kept close to the entrance of your workshop for ease of access. This will also make it easier to carry pieces of wood in and out of your workshop. 

Build storage shelves 

Having tools left lying about is not only contributing to a messy workshop but can also be a safety hazard. Why not organize your tool storage by making use of your woodworking skills and build yourself some handy storage shelves? These could be styled to your taste whilst keeping your tools neat and organized. 

Drawer Organisers 

For your small parts and accessories like bolts, nuts, screws, and nails, consider drawer organizers. These are perfect for storing smaller parts in a safe space and avoiding the frustration of losing them at the bottom of the toolbox or deep drawers. A drawer organizer can be built easily with some wood and glue. Simply measure the width and depth of your drawer for a perfect fit. 

Label Drawers 

Once you have arranged your drawers, including drawer organizers, add the finishing touches to your workshop with some labels. Labeling your storage drawers and shelves will make it easier for both you and any others using the workshop to find the tools and accessories they need. Ensuring you are not spending time searching your workshop for specific tools and accessories. 

Stock check your workshop 

By keeping a notebook of the stock you have available in your workshop, will help you to keep track of what is going in and out of your workshop. Avoid running out of nails, screws, and wood glue by keeping your workshop fully stocked with this handy trick. It can be as simple as keeping track in a small notebook. 

Invest in correct blade storage

To keep your blades sharp and protected, suitable blade storage is recommended. Blade storage will also help to prevent any harm to workshop users, by keeping them stored securely when not in use. You could even attempt to make this storage yourself. With some plywood, a box could be created with numerous slots to store a number of your different blades. 


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