How to Surprise Special One with Pop Photo Cardboard Box?

Important suggestions have been provided to you regarding one of the most creative packagings. When you choose to work with a box manufacturing company try to see if the company is having a team of experts in their back-end office consisting of the factory workers, the graphic designers who try their best to support you and cater to your need as best as they can.

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Photo Popup

Steps of Creating Pop Photo Cardboard Box

The pop up photo box is a brilliant gift which can be made without any difficulty. They have an element of uniqueness in them, not everyone can buy them because they are Do-it-Yourself (DIY). So, pop up photo box will always be remembered by the people. It is all hand-made, you will enjoy making it. In order to design a pop photo box you should have the following things:

  • Pictures (black and white)
  • Paint and brush
  • Ribbons
  • Scale
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sticky glue
  • Trinket box
  • Plain A4 size paper
  •  Cardboard sheets (plain white)

Step 1

Design a pattern by taking the style of the trinket box which you have on a plain white cardboard sheet.

Step 2

Keep the trinket box on your white cardboard sheet. Use a pen to make the internal shape in order to adjust the photo cards properly inside the box and then use the pair of scissors to cut out the design of the pattern.

Step 3

Then design three shapes attached together on the white cardboard sheet and once you cut it the photo strip will be made. You need to fold it from where it is joined to look like a musical instrument (concertina). In order to design a long series of pictures, just combine the free shapes with the tape from the rear of the card.

Step 4   

Put the trinket box on your black and white pictures and use a pen to draw the boundaries of the pictures from the internal sides of the trinket box. Make sure that you only mark the important moments from the pictures. Ignore the surroundings. Try to cut it carefully.

Step 5

Use the glue to stick the pictures on the cards.

Step 6

Use your favorite color to paint your trinket box.

Step 7

Paste the edge of the ribbon from the back of the trinket box in order to hold them.

Step 8

Just put the card with the picture on it inside the trinket box. The box acts like its frame. Use the ribbon to hold it.

What Are the Surprising Effects of Using Pop Photo Cardboard Boxes?

The first advantage which you will experience is the cost-savings. It is based on the do-it-yourself (DIY) concept. Plus, you are not spending heavy sums of money on buying the branded pop photo cardboard packaging. The attractive photo frames are sometimes very expensive. Especially, those which are hand-made.

You can obviously surprise the person whose photos you are attaching inside the trinket box. You can be sure that the person will adore this idea. This is a new and unique idea to make someone happy. People do not expect such type of creativity in this busy world these days. As everything is readily available in the market. They don’t go for the DIY stuff.

Another important advantage of pop photo cardboard boxes is that you can attach the photos of different period of a person’s life. For example, if you are giving the box to your father then you can attach the photo of his childhood, teenage, and adulthood. These are just memories which everyone would love to enjoy.

When the photos such as that of concertina style are used to be pasted in the trinket box and then they are used as photo frames hanging on the wall. It catches the attention of everyone who is having a look at it. People will be forced to come closer to it and check it.

Since your pop photo box will look very beautiful. So, if you wish you can sell it on the internet (online) as well. Otherwise, you can give to the supermarts to sell it for you. They will, of course, keep their profit on it. But, this way you will get an opportunity to market your product. When you sell it you can paste anything, take a scene from any movie and attach it in the trinket box which acts as a demo for the people.

All the steps to design and create the pop up photo box and its advantages have been explained to you properly. Now it is time for you to create one of your own. If you believe in surprising the people then it is time for you to work on designing it. You will get loads of appreciation.


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