DIY Cat Capsule Hotel for Multiple Cats Household

DIY Cat Capsule Hotel

Check out the above link, which is a cute Do-It-Yourself video of making your own cat capsule hotel if you have multiple cats in your household. This video is in Japanese, but there is English subtitles. For some reason, I wasn’t able to post the video on here.

This cute cat video reminded me of what I saw Gumby doing recently. Yesterday, I was looking for Gumby, but I couldn’t find him. He was very quiet and still because I didn’t even her the bells on his collar. I was getting worried. But I know that he had different hiding places. I finally saw him sitting comfy inside my old footlocker in the hallway by my gym clothes.

I took two snapshots because he looked cute. Even though he has a cat tree with a little room that looks like this old cardboard footlocker, he often likes to explore my townhouse and find alternative hangout areas.


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