3 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Do This Weekend

As a devoted DIY-er, you don’t mind tackling large projects around the house. You can handle things like installing new baseboards, putting in a new deck and redoing the flooring in the family room with relative ease.

But sometimes, it is nice to have some short and sweet projects to tackle — the ones that you can check off your to do list in a couple of days, not weeks or more.

With this in mind, the following DIY projects are all things you can easily knock out this weekend, and still have time to binge watch a new show on Netflix:

Say Goodbye to the Open Concept

Normally, you love the open concept look in your home. But over the last year, let’s just say you’ve had a bit too much togetherness with your family members. Your home is now an office, schoolroom and sanctuary and it can be difficult to conduct a Zoom call in the dining room when your kids are playing video games one space over.

 Fortunately, you can fix your open floor plan—at least temporarily. You can add room dividers in the form of a decorative folding screen, a few tall bookcases or vertical louvers. If these are going to be temporary fixes, look for budget-friendly versions of these pieces on sale or at a consignment shop. You could also build temporary walls if you like to divide your home up into more private areas. Either way, getting rid of the open spaces will do wonders for your stress levels.

Make Your Home Smarter

Your spouse is brilliant, your kids are pretty darn bright and your dog knows all sorts of commands. Now it’s time to boost your home’s intelligence with the addition of some smart home automation devices. This may have you wondering “What is a smart home anyway, and what’s in it for me?” 

Home automation means taking simple, everyday products that we tend to take for granted—things like locks, lights and appliances—and turning them into devices you can control with your voice or by tapping an app on your smartphone. Adding some smart home automation to your home may mean installing a video doorbell that you can monitor when you are out and about, or maybe a smart thermostat that can sense when you are not home and will raise the A/C by a few degrees to save energy. A home security system can also be part of the smart home basics; there are cameras you can install yourself around your doors and windows and then monitor through an app or the help of a company.

Get Rid of the Popcorn

One feature of your home that you have never liked is the popcorn ceilings in the family room and hallway. Not only do they look bad, but they are hard to clean and you know they are chock full of dust and possibly a spider web or two. Luckily you can get rid of these less-than-attractive ceilings with the help of a ladder, a wet/dry van and a drywall knife. Test an area to see if the popcorn finish will scrape off easily; if it does, you are good to go. If it’s being stubborn, you may have to spray it down with a bit of water first to loosen it. Once the popcorn is gone, you can wash down the ceilings and repaint them in whatever colors you like. One quick word of advice: if your home was built prior to 1979, have the popcorn tested by a professional first to make sure it does not contain lead or asbestos.

Enjoy Your Weekend

DIY projects are always fun and rewarding, but they do not necessarily have to take up a bunch of time. You could accomplish all three of these projects this weekend if you wanted, or maybe just one or two. No matter what you decide, these projects will help to lower your stress level, simplify your life and beautify your home.


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