When You Live in a Kakiscracy – part 4

When you live in a Kakiscracy, all those ‘heroic’ actions of standing up for ‘what is right’ and willing to ‘sacrifice for the public good’, bring laughter. It is ludicrous. It is alien. For to speak out gets your throat cut. To stand up gets your back broken.

To stand against corruption means they might not find all your body parts, and to speak out means you’ll be talking to yourself.

In a kakiscrasy, those in power, stay in power, and those who dare to confront them lose everything.

To apply for a position without verifying that it was/not promised to someone’s slam is to make enemies.

To refuse to support the candidate chosen by a Big Man is to lose the ability to decide.

So why bother?

If one applies, one won’t get the job, and make enemies. If one speaks against, they will be overruled and penalised.

There is no way out, no fix, no change. If one can’t live with it, they either migrate, adjust, or die.

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Written by jaylar

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