When you live in a Kakiscracy – 2

In the first ‘episode’  (  I described a situation when a position, (in a government agency paid by taxpayers)  is gifted to a slam of a Big Man.

If you read that episode you might ponder, why no one on the Board which examined and decided on the appointment spoke out or did anything.

This is why.

A particular job, at another Government Agency, was advertised and applicants put in their documents and came for their interviews.   Eventually, they went from hundreds to fifty then to fifteen, and now to the last five.

At this point, Big Man demanded his slam be given the position, and handed in her application.

At first the Board rebelled.   After they read the application, with all due respect (or the lack of it) she would have been the first discarded.   They had five candidates, all far better than her.

Big Man demanded his gal get the position.

The members of the Board, who live in Jamaica, and want to keep living, backed down, save one.  This one stood up to Big Man.  This one advocated fairness and the choosing of the best candidate.

There were five people on the Board.  They voted Four to One to approve Big Man’s gal.

The One who had stood up had the position made redundant, and was soon, no longer employed, nor employable by government.

This is the price one pays for being honest, for believing that the best candidate should be chosen.


What do you think?


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