Again, who remembers learning to spell or still trying to learn to spell this word back in elementary school? This is my favorite song and word from the first ‘Mary Poppins’ movie from the 1960’s. This is a word that just makes one feel good when saying it or even singing it to yourself.  This is definitely a ‘special’ word that will make any child and even adult want to say it over and over again. It just makes you feel good and just laugh.

I used this word in a recreational activity group when I was working as licensed practical nurse leading a ‘therapy’ group activity to try and have some fun and let some elderly patients forget their troubles for a little while. I remember a lot of frowns starting out but slowing some smiles and then giggling moving onto laughing made this so much fun. I was going to do a wordplay poem like I have been, but then again may just give it a try. Do you guys think I should try? I believe that it would be a challenge for anyone to try.


What do you think?


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