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Sitting Back

When I was young,  someone called me a ‘pusharound’.   

I never expressed contrary opinions,  never argued.   In reality,  it wasn’t that I was afraid, or weak,  I just never had strong ‘anti’  views.

If these friends wanted to go to the movies and those friends wanted to go to see a sporting event, I was easy.   I  liked   both possibilities so which ever one was selected, I went without dislocations.

During my life I often found people would try to provoke arguments.   They’d do something, and expect I’d respond. I never did.

It wasn’t that I didn’t realise it.   It was just too trivial for  me to devote a single brain cell.

I have encounter people who will do the most biased, unfair actions,  designed to get me to do something.  

I never do.

It is not that I’m a ‘pusharound’ it is that I don’t let others set my agenda.


What do you think?


Written by Chef Lee

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