Priest and the Wolf

Around the bend in the foot maple, twenty-five kilometers from Ivanjica, there where, on the right side of steep water in small river right nostril, clinging to the rock, squeezed the monastery. Renovated and white, with a broad path of small stones, wonderfully blended with wet earth and buff color autumn forest. And then, on the road that leads straight to the yellow gate of the monastery dormitory, the man suddenly felt a strange peace. As it is one step behind the curve and the scene appeared to him took him to another world. Only the roar of mountain streams recalls that the weather here has not stopped, while some inconceivable energy expands cliff ancient trees and sky which, like a blue hat, standing above all these hidden and unexpected beauty. With steep climbs hastily man in monastic robes. He saw us and waving his hand. It’s Father Ambrose, abbot of the monastery Kovilje, and, for now, the only monk. For it easily lags behind a large gray wolf, which he raised and tamed. Because of them we came in Kovilje. To find out what it is that can grow closer humble monks and bloodthirsty beast.

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