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I recently watched an old episode of Will and Grace. In this episode we watch Will cut out one of his, “little” clients, in favor of his, “big”, Texas oil client bringing him some serious money.

What Will doesn’t realize is that he made a pretty woman sort of mistake. It’s the mistake you make when you underestimate the little guy in favor of the big fly in that small bowl of soup.

Never underestimate a client, however, “small” he/she may be. Why? Because if you work on commission, you end up making a big mistake, huge.

In Mexico, there is a saying:  “Como el perro de las dos tortas, al ultimo, se queda sin ninguna.”

It roughly translates to: Like the dog with two sandwiches, who, in the end, ends up with none.

This torta analogy is a wise one. If you play with two, you won’t end up with one, rather, you might end up with none.

What do you think?

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Written by Maria Ayala

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