My Brief Continuing Study of the History of France

I took three years of French in high school and my teacher would drop little tidbits every now and then about the history of France.  It sort of got me interested in learning more.  My research however was limited and pretty much stopped after Napoleon.  There is so much more to be learned if I want to continue studying.  However, some of the history is dark or not very pleasant.  But then, much of the history of humankind is dark or not very pleasant.  Sharing a few of the tidbits I gathered.  Twitter is a wonderful research tool.

#1 From Bastille to Bonaparte

#2 Good bye Marie Antoinette.

#3 History of America versus History of France

#4 Educational Video to Learn About France

#5 Scientific Accomplishments

#6 No matter the country, there are innocent children who play! Here’s proof!

#7 Religious Freedom in France

#8 France and Africa Relations

#9 The Nation of France and African Nations

1960 was a very good year for 17 sub-Saharan African nations, including 14 former French colonies.  They became independent. 

(Although there are some who say they it's a sham and they are not truly independent.  It's complicated.  But then, much of the history of humankind is complicated.)


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    • Let me share a story with you about Paris. I used to watch this TV show. This woman was about to get marries but then the guy broke off the engagement. She was heartbroken but to help herself get over it she had certain things written on a piece of paper. These were things she always wanted to do but she had denied. She put the paper in a box and said that no matter what she pulled out she was going to do it! She pulled out a piece of paper that said: “Fly to Paris for the day.” She lived in New York and so I thought to myself: ‘New York has lots of international flights. She could probably easily fly to Paris for a day.”

      Fast forward, decades later. I live in Austin, Texas and we are very proud of our international airport. I’m listening to a news report on the car radio and it says something like “We are pleased to announce that there are now nonstop flights from Austin, Texas to Paris, France.” I’m like “I can’t believe it! So if I could (which I know I can not) I could actually fly to Paris for a day.” Now all I have to do is get my husband to leave me and break my heart. LOL. Eh! My son says he will be getting married in the near future. May they could go to Paris for a honeymoon.

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