Lyrics of BJP Ministers is in fact a matter of worry.

In between the growing ‘rape culture’ and fueling oil price , the BJP Ministers have expressed their thinking and mindset through their controversial leaders and relatives. In the case of rape, where the BJP legislator and the Union minister’s wife said, Young people troubled by unemployment are raping.
In Haryana, Premlata Singh, wife of BJP MLA and union minister Birendra Singh  has said that being harassed and frustrated by unemployment, young people are doing crimes like rape.

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A controversy arose with the statement of BJP leader in a mass rape case that took place on September 12 in Haryana’s Rewari district.Interestingly he urged that now a day  people’s attitude towards women is not appropriate and that is why this kind of decline and lack of morality in society is being observed across the country.
These words have deteriorated in front of a private television channel after a program where he uttered that these kind of incidents are extremely worrisome as well as sad.

On their statement, the opposition parties have started targeting the BJP.

On the other on the issue sky rocketing petrol price, the Union Minister, Ramdas Athavale, put forward his senseless statement that rising fuel price is not a matter of worry for him as he is a central minister of this country.

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When Athwale approached to attend a review meeting, the journalists asked him about the problem of high increasing oil price in the country. He again put forward his senseless statement, “I am not troubled by the rising prices of petrol and diesel. As I am minister … if my Ministerial post shall be snatched from me, then I will get bothered”


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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