(GERMANY OUT) Die amerikanische Schauspielerin Katharine Hepburn und der amerikanische Schauspieler Spencer Tracy in dem Film 'Die Frau, von der man spricht'. - undatiert (Photo by Pressefoto Kindermann/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

Together they starred in nine films, and for their love everybody knew – even though he never left his wife. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were together 26 years, but never actually. Their relationship was an open secret, but Tracy, traditional Irish Catholic roots, could not bear the guilt that followed because of the divorce with his wife Louise, with whom he had two children. Catherine is one of the greatest icons of Hollywood ever, but for him, she said, would do everything because he was “absolutely overwhelming”. When they met, Tracy was already known philanderer. Wife Luiza long ago distanced himself, especially after they realized that their son John was born deaf. He had an affair with Selena Royle, Betty Hahn, Loretta Young, Ingrid Bergman, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis … And after they began to make love, he was not faithful to Catherine. “Why the hell do not you get a guy that I’ll get married and have a family? When you get older you’re gonna be all alone,” he told her director Clarence Brown, to which Hepburn said: “Yes, and I’ll remember those fun times.” Although she knew she would never leave his wife for her, Catherine the team had no problem. “I was completely independent and I never wanted to get married. I wanted myself to step your way,” said the actress.

To date, there are no shared their photo that is not an excerpt from one of the common films. They had to be careful not to be seen together because they and their production company asked not to make a scandal and not out in public with their relationship. Tracy never divorced, but the last years of his life not lived with Louise. He is worried about Katherine, which is due to him, took a five year break from her career. Only then did they first lived together. She was with him when he died, but out of respect for his family was not at the funeral. After that, he called his wife and offered to be friends. She told her: “But I thought you were just a rumor.” Catherine is crazy. “After nearly 30 years, the gossip? It was a deep wound.

Almost 30 years Spens and I knew each other, sharing good and bad. Some gossip. By never admitted to exist, she is survived by his wife. She sent Christmas congratulations, Spencer, to blame. She, the victim. I did not break up their marriage. it happened long before I came, “she wrote in her autobiography that Catherine is published only after Luisa’s death. It was the first time he admitted having an affair with Tracy. “Why am I even that time was with it? Honestly, I do not know. I can only say that I’ve never been able to leave. That year just flew, and for me they were perfectly happy,” she said in an interview.


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