Kakiscracy – part 5

In a Kakiscracy (or Kakistocracy) it is not just the guy at the top, or even his minions which creates the method of governance; it is everybody. Everybody who has a shred of power.

It is the principal of a school, the owner of the supermarket. it is the boss of the office; everyone who has power uses it to the limit, and beyond.

In Jamaica, if hired as a business consultant, you learn if the boss has a gal on staff, and don’t waste time analysing her or her department.

Where in another realm one needs particular qualifications or experience for a position, in my country it is a bit different.

Over there you might need to be of a particular height or athletic build to take on a post, and one is too short. Over there, a post requires  a Masters Degree or better, and one has a Master’s but another candidate has a Ph.d, so gets the job.

In other countries, qualifications and appointments are based on what is contained in an advertisement.

In my Kakiscracy appointments are based on ‘bed/blood/favour’, but there are exceptions.

If Big Man is putting Gal Gal forward, and Bigger Man puts his son, well the son gets it. That is, unless an even Bigger Man owes a favour to someone and wants him/her in the post.

Once one understands how most jobs are filled, one appreciates that the only time one gets the  job based on real qualifications is if no one else wants it.

The Big Man’s slam doesn’t want it, his children don’t want it, and no one he owes a favour to, wants that job. Then, it actually matters if you have the on paper qualifications.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar