Inside the Capsule – 16

As Millie, Margaret’s mother,  had nothing to do, outside of spoil herself, she would go out every day, have lunch in a diner where she would overhear the town’s secrets without effort.

Children whose fathers were not their father,  people who died from ‘natural causes’ which were unnatural.

A so called decent, conservative quiet town, which was or could be the venue for a horror movie.

As expected, her boss called often, digging for insights, but she, aware of what he was doing, (since she knew he couldn’t manage without her)  would make a cryptic remarks, then claim she couldn’t hear him, and shut off.

She wouldn’t answer his calls for two or three days, then, repeat her performance.

Millie knew she was crucial for her Boss’s success.   He didn’t reward her, so she took off  this year as leave.   She gained immeasurable pleasure from his nervous calls, his disguised pleas for help.

She made her plans.   If, when she returned, he would not promote her, she would leave the company.  She made inquiries at the competitors to give herself options.


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Written by jaylar

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