Importance of Mehndi

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Weddings in Pakistan are those typical weddings shown in movies where there is a proper ceremony dedicated to the application of Mehndi. It is when Henna or Mehndi is applied on the hands and legs of the both bride and groom. Even the close relatives of the bride’s and groom’s families also apply Mehndi.

This ceremony is often called “Mehndi ki raat” or “Mehndi Ceremony” in which all the ladies to participate. As “haldi” symbolizes purification and cleanliness, “Mehndi” symbolizes beauty. It adorns the bride and adds to her beauty on her special day. When Mehndi is applied on her palms, I the name of her husband is very creatively hidden in the design which the husband has to search in a resume later. In some traditional weddings, Mehndi is a very elaborate function accompanied by dance performance and food.

Apart from the above, Heena is known for its medicinal properties and is also applied as a hair dye by men and women. It gives natural color and luster to the hair. It is also used to apply tattoos in some parts of the world. There is an increasing trend in the craze for tattoos on arms, neck, naval and wrists. With the increase in modernization, Mehndi application has just gained greater popularity. It is one thing that is both traditional and is in vogue. Mehndi has always been and is continuing to be a significant component of Pakistani Tradition.

It is often said that the darker comes out the color of the Mehndi, the greater shall be the love showered upon the bride by her husband and in-laws. The longer the bride retains the Mehndi, it is considered even more auspicious. These days such unique designs are available from across the world with a lot of innovation. Though there are ample designs available with the experts, namely, Traditional Rajasthani style, Arabic designs, Crystal Mehndi and numerous others. Mehndi designs mainly comprise of floral shops and auspicious symbols with a room for personal creativity.

Mehndi or Heena is an important constituent of Pakistani Tradition. Take any festival or custom and you will find what a significant role Mehndi plays in a woman’s life. Every festival is complete in its true sense when the women apply Mehndi at important occasions. Not only married women, but young girls to love to apply Mehndi on important functions and flaunt it with their counterparts. Indian weddings specially can not do without Mehndi application. Even in the wedding cards Mehndi ceremony is specially mentioned with the other functions.


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