Heal Thyself

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I can feel how people perceive me. I have had dreams where I receive direct messages. How someone’s friends perceive me. When Cyndy’s friends didn’t think I was good enough for her, I knew, because I had a dream about it.

I still remember that vivid dream. I was trying to approach her room upstairs, and one of her friends stopped me in the middle of the stairway.

I could feel her negative state of mind.

If a person I love feels nervous, I can feel it too. If I know I have met someone before, and I am in front of them, even if they change their appearance, I can feel their energy.

Even if they wear a fake mustache and beard, I know it is them, in disguise. I have always known.

When I was little I always had precognitive dreams. I have always been this sensitive to energy. I know when someone is standing outside of my exam room, at the doctor’s office, waiting for me to come out, stalking me, waiting to intimidate me with their presence.

I know when their arrogance gets the best of them. They can’t fool me. I can tell when a doctor is willing to blame the nurse for something that went wrong, and not accept responsibility themselves.

When I worked at call centers, people would open up to me. My friends would always ask me for advice. They never listen, but they would seek me anyways.

I always need to help others. But I have been protecting myself lately and it is great. Turns out they need me more than I need them. It’s a good thing.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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