Good Taste

Photo courtesy of Caras Mexico Magazine

This quote translates to:  The whole world doesn’t have to like you.  The whole world doesn’t have good taste.  

This is very true. Not everyone has good taste.  Not everyone knows what’s good for them.  Not everyone knows that if they hang out with people that are a little bit smarter than them, they might actually learn something. Some people are cocky enough to believe that they  know everything.  Stay away from those people. We could all learn something new. You don’t learn new things by being around the same kinds of people. You learn new things by being around people who are different from you. Sure, you might have some things in common, and perhaps that is how you first formed a strong bond. But more often than not, opposites attract.  Pay attention to those who make you take notice. If someone strikes you, it’s for a reason. They could be a new friend for you.

But not everyone has to like you. Once you accept that not only will some people not like, you, but actually go out of their way to hate you, you can let go of the fact that even if you are nice to everyone, not everyone will appreciate what you have to offer. Not everyone deserves you; and that’s OK too. After all, it’s their loss, not yours. Some people will even risk their jobs, just to be mean to you.  You don’t have to put up with them. But they will however, have to put up with their supervisors keeping them on a leash!!


What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala