Flowers of Pakistan

Pakistan has a large area of land, some parts of the country are tropical and others are cool and temperate in the climate. It is expected that you will find a wide variety of different fruits and flowers on earth. What is familiar and known to the inhabitant in the warm plains will not be known to the inhabitants of the cold mountainous regions, and the opposite is happening.

Grapes, apples, pears, plums, and peaches thrive in many of the coolest neighborhoods. Some of them were considered European fruits and were originally imported. But they are developing very well in western Pakistan. The delicious quality strawberries are grown in Shujhabad. Pakistan orange known as Kinno is a popular and healthy fruit. It grows widely in the plains, but especially fine oranges come from the districts of Sialkot, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala. Melons, bananas, leeches and guavas, figs of excellent quality are found in their different neighborhoods. In fact, the plantations in Pakistan are well stocked, but the sad thing is that this fruit so beneficial to health is not well distributed. In many poor cities, an orange never was seen, they do not grow far.

The flowers of Pakistan are also diverse. What is surprising for the first time is the beautiful golden mohur flower that blazes in the streets of Lahore and Rawalpindi during the summer months. There can be no more beautiful scene in nature, so a mohur of gold in full bloom. The beautiful pink flowers in general, but requires a cooler climate than the plains in reality. A very popular flower is the sweet scent of jasmine, the crown or crowns needed, when we mentioned the smell, not the rat-ki-Rani, the queen of the night, not much to do with her small white flowers, but the oil spill an aroma in the winter months that refreshes the senses. Adorable lilies grow in tanks and require a larger space in this article than also mentioning the names of all the wonderful orchids and other flowers that adorn the hills of Pakistan.


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