Expand Your Mind and Spread Your Culture: All the Reasons to Teach ESL Abroad

If you are a native speaker of English, you have a skill that people around the world are dying to learn. There’s an easy way you can take advantage of this to enrich your life and theirs — teach English as a second language (ESL ) abroad! It’s a bold decision to pick up and go, but you’ll be glad you did for the rest of your life. Here are the reasons why teaching ESL in a foreign country is so wonderful.

Connect Abroad

Language is really all about communication and connection. Words just help us express what we feel and think. When you teach others how to speak, read and write in your language, you’re expanding the world’s ability to connect. Also, it’s like you’re working as an unofficial cultural ambassador.

In an immediate and personal sense, you’ll get to connect with your students. Apart from the importance of the skills you’re imparting, you’ll receive wonderful gifts in turn. It’s hard to describe in words what a thrill it is, to give somebody the tools they need to expand their mind and, practically speaking, secure higher wages. Their eyes will light up, and they’ll remember you as the person who enriched their life.

Make Sure You Have Enough Support

When you’re living and working away from home for such a considerable period of time, it’s important you have the right support. If you’re looking to teach English in Korea in one of its many wonderful cities, look to first connect with a top-tier company that facilitates ESL teaching abroad.

They can help you with practical tasks like securing a work visa, finding appropriate lodgings, and even purchasing the plane tickets. More, they’ll help you train as a teacher, and check in on you to make sure that you’re adjusting to your new life.

When you’re living in a culture radically different from your own, you’ll be very stimulated by all the newness around, and you’ll be grateful for the support teacher recruiting company’s give. You want your time to be occupied by more fascinating things than mundane logistical concerns. Stay focused on what’s truly exciting during your incredible journey.

Travel Widely

When you work in a faraway country, it’s an amazing opportunity to travel to foreign cities or other countries which are suddenly, but temporarily, very nearby. In your down time, traveling to other countries will never be cheaper or easier. And you may be so stirred by the new country you’re living in that you can have incredible travel adventures without having to leave it.

Native speakers of English shouldn’t take for granted what a gift they were handed — many people around the world are eager to learn English so they can have an easier time assimilating in Western countries, or gain employment in higher-paying jobs which require knowing the language. Working abroad as an English ESL teacher is a powerful way to change lives abroad by spreading your own culture, while at the same time giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in an exotic and stimulating culture.


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  1. Even though English is not our first language, it is a good thing that Filipino teachers are in demand when it comes to teaching English in other countries. My daughter is also planning to teach abroad in the coming years. Though she still plans to take up a Masters Degree in English after her review. Personally, I would like to prevent her from going out of the country for the purpose of working but I know that she has her own life. She is planning to go to Korea.

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