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“A very large number of people did not know how to laugh. After all, there’s nothing here that “forests”. It is a gift and not to teach. You will learn only if prevaspitaš yourself, if you develop a better and overcome bad instincts of his character. For laughter is primarily needed honesty and sincerity right there in humans? To laugh is needed nezlobivost, and people usually laugh maliciously! Honest and benevolent smile means cheerfulness, but there are people at the present time of mirth, and the people know how to be happy? Cheerfulness is man’s most notable trait of his, which gives it the most. One character long you can not know, but as soon as one man at least once quite frankly, you will get a whole character immediately as the palm of your hand.Only a man of very high and very happy development can be very cheerful, and infect others, that is, irresistibly cheerful and benevolent. I’m not talking about his mental development, but on the character, the whole man. In this way, if you want to see through the man and to get to know his soul, I do not watch or hear him speaking or crying, but better to look at it when you laugh. If I know that laughing is a good man.


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