Dear wife (Poetic Prosa)

Dear wife

The years have given us experiences that as unexpected intruders have allowed us to cross the limits of monotony, putting our creativity to the test to give the minutes instants of freshness and renewed energies to continue united.

We have traveled a path full of obstacles that has taught us that love is not a race of speed but of resistance and that it does not matter which side of the balance hangs because it only indicates that we must balance the emotional burdens in order not to bleed the vitality that it generates passion.

We are not the same as before, however, we maintain the essence of the bond that managed to transform us from timid adventurers to daring warriors in the battle to reach the stars and dawn, linked dreaming of new sensations that permeate our senses daily.

We are the result of the conjunction of errors and successes, joys and sorrows, which have led us to transmigrate to spaces where we have refuge when the storm has threatened to touch us or the doubts, like thieves, have been able to assault the peace given by trust.

Together we have discovered the wonderful thing of living, of being parents, of loving God without restrictions, of feeling safe before the ravages that madness waste the days that pass, of being accomplices, friends, lovers, partners, stelae that ride on the ghosts that lurk, like a hungry wolf, our union.

For that reason and thousands of other things, my wings are the prolongation of love, which as a fermented grape, is aged, taking us to the magic of our world eternally.


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