Considerations to Note When Selecting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Certain Criteria Should be Applied When Assessing the Suitability of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

People are always looking into the cause of things or they also try to trace to the effects and repercussions of an action. What causes things? Many understand that when looking in to the causes of things they need to look into the effects of them as well. This is what should be considered when assigned to write a cause and effect essay. Writing an essay of this nature is easy. There are many causes which can be discussed. And the effects of these causes are abundant as well. What about the cause and effect essay topics? To come up with a good topic for the cause and effect essay requires serious consideration.

Topic Selection

To come up with good topics takes skills, skills which are required to any type of essay. For example when you are writing an argumentative essay you need to come up with suitable argumentative essay topics. Certain criteria must be applied in selecting interesting and appropriate topics for essays.

Brainstorm the Alternatives

What is brainstorming? Brainstorming requires students to write down all the prospective ideas they have on the essay on a piece of paper. Then they should narrow the list down to ideas which are most interesting to the students. This can be done as a group or individually. The most effective way to generate ideas for essay topics is to brainstorm as a group since many brains can cause a “bigger storm” of ideas than one.

Availability of Research Material

Many students find that when they select topics for essays such as English essay topics, halfway through the research, they are unable to find sufficient research material that are relevant to the topic. Feasibility is very important when selecting cause and effect essay topics. Ask yourself “will I be able to conduct thorough research on this topic?” Essay topics need reliable evidence and results. If you find yourself with no sufficient evidence to back your argument, a great deal of time will be wasted in coming up with a suitable topic all over again. As a result you might not be able to submit the essay on time. Refer to few cause and effect essay examples available online to see how professional writers use evidence to establish the link between the causes and effects.

Relevance to the Essay

The topic you select should matter to the readers. Will they be interested on what you have to say? Do they care? Is it relevant? Topics which have no relevance to the essay type will stand low chance of involved reading from the reader. Therefore, ensure that your topic is significant to the subject area which you are studying since the audience will obviously be keen on that subject. The reason you are writing a cause and effect essay is to impart knowledge and information to the reader. The topic should be pertinent to them to compel them to read the essay.

Strong Linkage

When selecting cause and effect essay topics of this nature, you must ensure that the chosen topic involves a cause and effect which has a strong link. This helps the writer to present it clearly and effectively to the reader. If the topic does not contain an obvious link as such, then the time is wasted in trying to establish a non existent link or a weak link.

If all these considerations are put into effect when selecting your cause and effect essay topics, you will be able to do write an effective and credible essay and interesting set of causes and effects. These can not only be interesting and informative to the reader but be persuasive as well.


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Written by Vernon Spradling

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