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“For every man under a veil of secrecy, and under the veil of night, takes place his genuine, worthy of attention, the life,” said Chekhov in the story The Lady. And he’s not just , but I experienced conducting a double life. In this regard, it is apparent that the holding instruction of discretion that accompanies said Dorn from Seagull.

The Czechs has long been in a relationship with a married woman and also writer Lydia Avilov, but it did not know his closest friends, like Ivana Bunin, a young fellow writer who left behind a book about Chekhov and even he himself was closely friends with this woman. Sounds like Pulp Fiction: already seriously ill Bunin dropping a handful of books Chekhov in my life Avila, and only then he learns to link their two friends. Leaving aside speculation about the extent to which this love was platonic, in which physical (they were both in marriages and Avilova was with three children in benefits) and examine how he began the intricate relationship of these two people and how they are in an unusual way of exchanging secret messages.

Lidija Avilova was subtle, affordable and natural. Bunin is described as beautiful, tall and feminine, but also as a very sharp mind witty woman who knew how to joke at his expense. All this makes it a winning combination which won Chekhov, and while he did not owe. Their first meeting took place in January 1889 in the house of Lydia’s sister.

Chekhov was then still quite a young boy, but accomplished writer. Lidija herself dreamed of becoming a writer, he regularly read his works, and more importantly, understand them and deeply felt emotions hero. Her husband is condescendingly referred to its creation, this is no wonder that this woman could not resist meetings with Chekhov, and he understood that he is unable to speak. How says Bunin, Avila, along with other quality was very sincere, and her memories never missed to mention when this writer strongly criticized some of its work.


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